Saturday, February 27, 2010

A recent magic game

Magic (Worldwake)

Multiplayer with 3 players
1. Lightkeeper (2/4) attacks.
2. Elemental-tapped griffin (2/2) with walking atlas untapped.
3. Celestial (4/4) becomes creature.
4. Tomb hexed celestial (landfalled).
5. Spider (2/1) blocked lightkeeper.
6. Groundswelled spider.
7. Dispel groundswell.
8. Damage went through.
9. Searing blazed lightkeeper.
10. Tradewinded lightkeeper and claws of valukut mountain ape (5/2).

Cards lost
Me: tomb hex, dispel, trade wind
Opponent: Celestial, Groundswell, Searing blaze, Spider, Claws of valukut

Previously (few turns back),
Exiled canopy cover enchantment on clawed ape.

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