Sunday, April 11, 2010

Starhub Urban Freestyle 2010

Station 1 (wall, tunnel, log)
The make-shift wall wan not able to hold our weight properly and the tunnel was very muddy as it was raining earlier. The log was very shaky also.

Bonus Station (slanted wall and a pillar)
In this station, you are required to run up a slanted wall to clear a pillar blocking the way and then run down the slanted wall. (Is this an intended obstacle? In the freestyle handbook, there is no description of this obstacle.)

Station 2: Starhub station where you are required to complete a cube in groups. Each person was given a sticker which he had to paste on the given cube.

Station 3: A giant phone wall and many other giant phone structures
This station was the one which had the longest queues. I skipped this station as I estimated that I may have to wait 45 minutes for this obstacle.

Station 4: A giant drink can with water spraying

Station 5: Sandbag barriers, camouflage net and giant dog tags
I couldn't see the camouflage net in this station.

Station 6: Striking a post on one of the stages

Station 7
When I reached this station, the shoe was already spoilt and I was unable to clear this obstacle.

Station 8

Station 9
In this obstacle, one has to slide across using your body. At the end of the slide, you have to waddle through a a big pool of water accumulated due to the earlier rain.

This is a fun 6+ km run with several obstacles in the way. The best station I liked was the bonus station. Probably, it was thought up by one runner/free-styler and the marshalers near that station encouraged the others to try it out too.

By the way, I encountered technical problem with my Motorola Milestone and hence was unable to take photos of the obstacles.

4 photos above are from the facebook Starhub Urban Freestyle fanpage while 3 photos are from the following webpage.

The rest are from the user of the second webpage below.

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