Sunday, May 2, 2010

Garruk and Nissa versus Jace and Elspeth

Opponent played first. I drew this hand. No plains here, considering my Doj there. However, I still decided to stay with this hand.

After turn 2, this is the board situation.

In turn 3, a Garruk appeared while I can managed only a second spreading sea in order to draw into more lands.

Turn 4
Oh No, another plainswalker appeared on the table. I decided to hold back as even if he decides to overrun me using Garruk's ultimate, I will take 12 damage. So, I decided to mana accelerate myself so that I will be able to use coup to wipe out the board and then apply pressure to the plainswalkers.

Turn 5
Indeed, I was overrun-ed and was left with 6 life. I decided to hold back my board sweeper - the Doj or coup for another turn and decided to play an Elspeth as it will not be affected by the sweep and also the opponent did not have enough power to kill her immediately.

Turn 6
A Hushblade was summoned by the opponent. However with only 6 mana, I was unable to couped and Doj-ed. One soldier was summoned by elspeth post judgement.

Turn 7
I started off by sending my soldier boosted by Elspeth pump but however he was pathed away to exile. I decided to martial-couped to clear his creatures while I would have 5 soldiers adding pressure to the 2 plainswalker.

Turn 8
On his turn, he summoned Elvish Archdruid and searched for a Nissa Revane. I decided to pathed them away. I boosted up one soldier using Elspeth's pump and directed 6 damage towards Revane and 2 damage towards Garruk. The 4/4 flying soldier was pathed away. Post combat, a Baneslayer Angel was summoned.

Turn 9
An ant Queen and a Revane was called to the battlefield. I boosted BSA and sent it towards Revane. Jace was summoned and I sent the Ant Queen back to the opponent's hand. A second BSA was summoned. On second thought, I should have first unsummoned the Ant Queen and sent in the soldiers towards Revane's blood.

On turn 10, the opponent conceded. He also had a Master of the Wild Hunt on him.

Card of the Match: Day of Judgement
Without the Day of Judgement, I would have died on turn 5.

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